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Lip Balm Recipe

Here is a recipe for lip balm – it won’t help much with the beeswax mountain but if your lips are in tatters this is the stuff for you. If not, well it does have tatter-prevention properties if you smear some on before you go out in the elements. At the very least it will give you a nice glossy pout.

It’ll calm your hair down in an emergency as well.

You can add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice – lavender is good, it has healing properties. Some people prefer peppermint. Or there’s always orange. Put essential oils in last of all and don’t get your mixture any hotter than it needs to be or all those special properties will vaporise.


  • 65g sunflower oil;
  • 25g clean beeswax – grated;
  • vitamin E oil as preservative – about 10 drops;
  • essential oil of your choice – about 12 drops. Lavender is very healing – I recommend it.


  • Put oil and beeswax in double saucepan or water bath;
  • Heat gently until wax is just melted;
  • Add vitamin E and optional essential oils and stir;
  • Pour into pots – this will make enough for about 15 x 10ml pots.

As always be careful with beeswax and heat.

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