Queen Rearing Groups

Hello Queen Rearing groups.

This link is to an article on the Scottish Native Honey Bee Society – all about queen rearing and bee breeding groups: http://www.snhbs.scot/queen-rearing-and-bee-breeding-groups/

Here are some links to useful bee breeding and queen rearing available on this website.

These pages are particularly relevant to Ireland and native Irish bee improvement.

Together, they should help you to raise your own queen and, over time, improve your local Irish bees..

There may be other things of interest in the index.

Native Irish Honey Bee – Apis mellifera mellifera (A.m.m)

How to improve your bees

Colony Assessment

Colony Appraisal

Cloake board system

How to graft

How to set up your Jenter Kit

How to use your Jenter Kit

Queen rearing timetable for Jenter Kit and Cloake Board system

Is my hive queenless?

Queen rearing timeline

Queen marking colours

How to set up an Apidea

Queen Bee Introduction – Basics

Queen Bee Introduction – Postal Cage

Queen Bee Introduction – Paper Bag

Queen Bee Introduction – Snelgrove’s quick matchbox method



Information For Humans Beeing