Pure Irish beeswax ingots

Beeswax Furniture Polish Recipe

Polish up yer wooden stuff with this stuff – it’s something to do with your beeswax mountain and it makes a great present for the mid-winter too.

Only use genuine turpentine – it’s expensive but it smells lovely. Don’t be tempted to use white spirit in place of turpentine or it will smell horrible. Do remember turpentine is an extremely volatile substance – keep well away from naked flames and work in a well ventilated room.

Beeswax is also very flammable so don’t get that near naked flames either.

Just be careful and don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Carnauba wax is a hard wax of plant origin which will help make the shine last longer. It is available from beekeeping suppliers such as Thornes.


  • 8oz clean beeswax
  • 1oz carnauba wax
  • 1pt pure turpentine


  • Melt the waxes together in double saucepan/waterbath;
  • Warm the turpentine;
  • Pour the turpentine into the melted wax;
  • Stir and pour into pots or tins.

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