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Queen bee Introduction – Apidea shuttle

Mostly Apideas are  used to rear queens from queen cells. However, there are occasions when you may want to introduce a laying queen or a virgin into an established Apidea.

If you’ve got a postal cage – introducing a queen into an established Apidea is easy as falling off a log. Click here for how to use a postal cage to introduce a queen bee to an Apidea

If you haven’t got a postal cage – another simple way of introducing a queen to an Apidea is to make a queen shuttle. Read on: Continue reading Queen bee Introduction – Apidea shuttle

Queen Rearing – How to Graft

Grafting is often seen as highly technical and an unattainable skill. It shouldn’t be though – because it isn’t – it’s just practice and knack.

After all, the aim is simple enough: – to transfer a young larva from one cell to another. How difficult can it be?

To maximise success you need to sit down and think for a bit though. Consider how to choose your larvae, which grafting tool to use and how to set up your rearer colony. Then get stuck in – what’s to lose? Continue reading Queen Rearing – How to Graft

What to do with queenless Apideas

An annual quandry for beekeepers is – what to do with all those queenless Apideas at the end of the queen-rearing season.

Most advice is to set the Apidea over a nuc and unite the two but this often comes to one sort of sticky end or another and is less viable when you have a number of them.

Here’s a neat alternative: Continue reading What to do with queenless Apideas