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How to make mead from beeswax cappings

Mead is a honey-based alcoholic beverage with a very long and colourful history. The Vikings were big into mead, as were the Druids, the Celts, the Saxons and, earlier still, the Neolithic/Iron age  Beaker people. The Vikings drank it out of bull horns as did the Druids, Celts and Saxons. While the Beaker people drank it out of… well… beakers. Continue reading How to make mead from beeswax cappings

Irish Beekeepers Protest

Beekeepers of Ireland rise up and protest against the Heritage Bill before all this goes up in flames!

Gorse in full bloom
Gorse in full bloom

Meet outside Dáil Éireann with Gerry Ryan et al at 12.30 on 2nd March 2017 and let our Senators know we are against this stupid Bill!

Click here for more about the Heritage Bill

Click here for the full text of the  Seanad debate on this Bill in November2016 and which will be continued this Thursday