Apis mellifera mellifera queen


Beespoke.info is a growing information miscellany for beekeepers and people who are just interested in bees or honey. It is a work in progress – you could  call it a construction site – so if you find something missing or just plain wrong – let me know.


Throughout the active beekeeping season I will be posting a regular blow-by-blow bee blog – all about what should be happening in the apiary and what is actually happening. Often not the same thing! During the winter I’ll post background information. All of that will be on the page labelled ‘Blog’.

Irish Honey

For people interested in honey there is a lot of information on the ‘Irish Honey’ pages including ‘Processing’ and ‘Raw Honey’ sections with links to related subjects throughout.


For the Beekeeping Beginner – there are several articles in the Bee Basics category which are just that – Bee Basics. If you are looking for information on a specific topic you can use the Search box. There is also an alphabetical list of all posts on the Post Index page.

If you have a specific question – ask it here and I’ll send you a personalised Beespoke reply.

Native Irish Bee

I’m interested in the native bee and its conservation so there’s more about those on the page called – wait for it – ‘Native Bee’.


In my spare time I make skeps – more about that on ‘Skeps’ pages.

There are more me-me-me details on the ‘About’ page.

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  1. This is a great website. Hope you keep posting. I only found it yesterday and its great for a novice beekeeper like myself

  2. Hello
    I’m from Greece and i’m beekeeper and i’m trying to make my own queens.Very interesting your site!Good job!

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