Willow (Salix) catkins

Pollen Load Colours

Identify the source of your bees’ pollen loads. Here are some photographs of bees caught in the act of gathering pollen.

Click on each little thumbnail picture for an expanded view of the pollen colour.

By the way – there’s always some doubt about the accuracy of the colour of pollen loads when rendered on a computer but where these bees are photographed on the flower – if the flower looks the right colour then the colour of the pollen load is probably pretty accurate too.

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4 thoughts on “Pollen Load Colours”

    1. Yes, I do too. So much information on one reading. The range of photos are so informative and a real ‘bonus’ ( though this word doesn’t do the way you’ve composed and assembled your knowledge on both origins of trees through a plethora of knowledgeable all the way to
      colourations of pollen and food sources for bees!) I hope you’ve continued your writing; it’s a magnet for enjoyment & absorbing details.

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