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Queen Marking Colours

There are five queen marking colours and they follow an Internationally recognised sequence depending on the last number in the year the queen was born.

Queen Marking Colours

The sequence is easily remembered with the following mnemonic ‘Will You Rear Good Bees‘.

  • White – years ending 1 or 6
  • Yellow – years ending in 2 or 7
  • Red – years ending in 3 or 8
  • Green – years ending in 4 or 9
  • Blue – years ending in 5 or 0

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Bees and Honey with a Scale Hive

A scale hive (or hive scale)  is a beehive set on a weighing scales so you can observe the daily change in weight.

Usually this means constructing a special stand which will accommodate the scales upside-down over a series of mirrors set like a periscope so the daily change of weight can be read from above. If you are manually inept or technologically minded or both, it is possible to buy a special solar-powered, digital scale hive which will allow you to monitor your bees from a distance – probably via a satellite – the mind boggles! Continue reading Bees and Honey with a Scale Hive

Frame Assembly – Good

This is how to assemble a frame properly but don’t do this too early or your wax will go off:

FrameAssembly1Remove the wedge cleanly or it won’t sit properly when you put the wax in. It doesn’t matter too much with wired wax, but if you’re using unwired wax the wedge won’t grip it properly. If necessary shave the area clean with a nice sharp chisel. Continue reading Frame Assembly – Good