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Bee Flowers – October

Not much for the bees this month!

The gorse is in flower – again. The main flowering time for Ulex europaeus is March to June but it will also flower sporadically in winter.

Another species of gorse present in Ireland is U.gallii or Dwarf Furze which flowers from July to September. Between the two of them they manage to give the impression that the gorse is always in flower.

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Bee Flowers – March

Until today – I’ve never seen a bee on a dandelion and didn’t really believe they found them interesting but here’s the evidence they do and the pollen loads are yellow. Click photo for bigger view:

Yellow Daffodil Pollen
Yellow Daffodil Pollen

Please note – the three most important plants for bees in March are Dandelion, Gorse (aka Furze) and Willow.

Click the photos below for a bigger version and note the colours of the pollen loads.

Dandelion Pollen Loads
Dandelion (Tarraxacum spp.)
Honey bee gorse pollination of Ulex europaea
Honeybee gathering pollen from the Gorse
Honey bee approaching willow catkin
Honeybee zoning in on Willow catkin

More bee flowers for March in the table below:

Flowers for Bees - March

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Remote Bee Hive Monitoring

Remote hive monitoring by Arnia is space age technology for bees – all linked up to a central hub on the mother ship over the mobile phone network.
Of course there is no substitute for visiting the bees but a system like this could be very useful not only in preparing your next visit but also monitoring the results of your efforts from a safe distance.
A road test would be handy!

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