Sycamore flower with bees

Useful Arnia Hive Scale Data

At this time of the year (spring) remote hive monitoring really comes into its own. I have an Arnia Hive Scale at one of my apiaries and it gives me a good idea what is happening not only in the monitored hive but also a rough idea of what is happening over there.

Since I installed it 2 months ago, apart from a sudden vertical jump when I put a super on to accommodate the growing population, it had been recording a steady decrease in weight but for the last 3 days it began to register an increase!

Here, have a look at this…

Arnia Hive Scale Data
Arnia Hive Scale Data

So I filled the van with supers and just as well because all the hives there were working very hard. From a distance I had thought there mush be rape in flower close by but no – from the grey green pollen loads I have to conclude that sycamore is coming in.

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