How to Introduce a queen bee to an Apidea

Mostly Apideas are  used to rear queens from queen cells. However, there are occasions when you may want to introduce a laying queen or a virgin into an established Apidea.

Here’s a simple introduction method:

  • You’ll need one of the flat plastic postal cages;
  • Plug the gate with candy if you are using candy;
  • An alternative is to enclose the open end (after you have added the queen) in a couple of layers of newspaper – smear with a little honey and secure with an elastic band;
  • Make sure you remove the plastic gateway if it is a new cage;
  • Add in your queen – on her own – no escort;
  • Remove the red plastic ventilation grille from the front panel of your Apidea;
  • Slide the door panel up to the top so it covers the gap left by the grille;
  • There is now a nice size cavity between the door panel and the first frame;
  • Add your queen cage into it thus:
Apidea Queen Introduction
Click the photo for a close up
  • Replace the crown-board and roof;
  • Put the ventilation grille somewhere safe;
  • Leave for a few days

If you haven’t got a postal cage you could use a queen shuttle. Click here for how to make an Apidea Shuttle

Click here for How to set up an Apidea

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