Dandelion Pollen Loads


The dandelion season is almost over in most places but up here, on this chilly hill, they are still very much in flower which is nice for us and for the bees.

They are out working away in every patch of sunshine and this picture shows the colour of the pollen loads – a much stronger yellow than willow or rape. Inside the hives, everything is bright yellow with dandelion pollen. A little honey is appearing in the supers, it is very yellow quick to granulate and has a bit of a bitter aftertaste but the smell around the hives is wonderful – sort of waxy and musky.

Click here to see what bees can do with a dandelion flow and an Apiguard eke.

Also coming in is sycamore Acer pseudoplatanus and horse chestnut Aesculus hippocastanum.

Sycamore pollen is a sort of snot green while horse chestnut is a very striking dark crimson although you will often see it described as ‘brick red’.

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