Spring Pollen Substitute

This is a recipe for an emergency pollen substitute (adapted from a Scottish Beekeepers recipe) I used last year. It saved  several hives which would otherwise have fizzled out. This is for early spring use  or when they have run out of pollen.

Please note – when bees become very weak they will not take a pollen substitute; they seem to lose the will to live and only sunshine will save them.

  • 300g Soya Flour
  • 100g Brewers Yeast
  • 100g Skimmed Milk Powder
  • 1kg honey
  • Mix together all the dry ingredient;
  • Warm the honey just enough to make it easier to mix;
  • Pour the honey into the dry ingredients and mix it all together into a stiff paste;
  • Shape it up into patties slim enough to fit beneath the crownboad;
  • Place each patty on a square of oiled greaseproof paper and stack them into a poly box or similar.

This quantity would make about a dozen patties.

To feed the bees – place the patty directly onto the bees underneath the crownboard. Leave the paper in place to stop it drying out.

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