Frame Assembly – Good

This is how to assemble a frame properly but don’t do this too early or your wax will go off:

FrameAssembly1Remove the wedge cleanly or it won’t sit properly when you put the wax in. It doesn’t matter too much with wired wax, but if you’re using unwired wax the wedge won’t grip it properly. If necessary shave the area clean with a nice sharp chisel.

Assemble frame as above. Side bars must have grooves facing inwards for the wax. Insert one bottom bar only. Don’t nail it yet.

FrameAssembly2Slide the wax into the grooves in the side bars and bend the three long wire loops perpendicular to fit the top of the frame.

FrameAssembly3Replace the wedge thus and fix with 3 pins, each one catching a wire loop. Slant the pins so they won’t pierce the top bar. The correct frame nails to use are 10mm ‘gimp pins’ which are black lacquered so they won’t rust.

FrameAssembly4Make sure the frame is square then hammer in the remaining pins thus. There should be 9 pins in all – any more and they’re wasted. Three in the wedge, two in each bottom bar and one into the flat side of each side bar where it meets the top bar.

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