Ultimate Queen Bee Shuttle

Queen bee Introduction – Apidea shuttle

Mostly Apideas are  used to rear queens from queen cells. However, there are occasions when you may want to introduce a laying queen or a virgin into an established Apidea.

If you’ve got a postal cage – introducing a queen into an established Apidea is easy as falling off a log. Click here for how to use a postal cage to introduce a queen bee to an Apidea

If you haven’t got a postal cage – another simple way of introducing a queen to an Apidea is to make a queen shuttle. Read on:

  • Get one of those hair curlers old ladies use;
  • Remove the spongy outer layer;
  • Cut a lengthways strip out of the slotted plastic core so that when you roll it up again it will make a tube slim enough to fit through the hole in the Apidea crownboard;
  • Roll it up again and secure it top and bottom with some strips of duct tape;
  • Plug the top with a rolled up strip of foundation and secure it with a slender panel pin – like this:

Apidea Introduction Shuttle

  • If you get the pin as close as possible to the top you should be able to suspend the shuttle either through the crownboard with the flap folded back – or beneath it if you prefer;
  • Put queenie in the shuttle and shut her in by closing the entrance with a sheet or two of newspaper and a rubber band;

Apidea Introduction Shuttle

  • The weird light in the photo above indicates the queen is on board and ready for transport – like this batch below;

  • Stick the shuttle in thus and –  with the flap folded back – replace the lid:

Queen Shuttle in action

Leave them alone for while to get to know each other.

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If all else fails – click here to buy one of my mated Native Irish queens

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  1. That is great you deserve more comments I have been around a lot of sites (Blogs) on bee keeping from all over the world, and this one is very good and it so near home, If there are others out there watching they should be encouraged to comment, Keep it up as I’ve ditched some of the others to watch this one.

    1. Thank you Greengage for your comments and for your encouragement. No, you are not alone – there are over 7,000 others out there (excluding bots, crawlers and spammers).

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